From concept sketches to user research and testing, we can not only turn ideas into reality but make them useful and attractive products. We will explore all aspects of user experience and various forms and styles for your project. Let us help you figure out how your product will look and work, or transform your existing prototype into a sleek, attractive design. 


Ideation, Prototyping, Sketching, 2D + 3D Rendering, 3D Modeling, User Research, User Testing, Product Architecture, Product Design, Furniture Design, Enclosure Design




We take projects from any point- be it an idea or a functioning prototype- and bring it to your needed level of refinement. We can and have helped clients carry an idea to full volume production. Using a combination of CAD software, prototyping and MATH we will test and refine solutions until they meet your (and our) standards. We really like to motorize things, but we will tackle any mechanism problem, human powered or otherwise. 


Mechanical Design Drafting, DFM, FEA, Mechanism Refinement, Automated System Design, Injection Molded Components, Enclousure Design, Custom Furniture Marketing Displays, Test Fixture Design, Destructive Testing, ROBOTS!


Many of our projects require custom electronics design and luckily for you (and us) we can layout and program these solutions here. We have experience making everything from automated systems controls to large and custom LED displays. 


Digital & Analog, Circuit Design for Micro Controller ARM, Microprocessor Programming, FPGA, Programming Schematic Capture, PCB Layout, Electrical Testing & Analysis, Basic Digital Signal, Processing Skills, Connected Devices, Wireless Technologies (bluetooth, wifi, etc.), Controls Systems


During the course of a design project, we will build and test solutions in house. Sometimes these solutions are meant to be mass produced in volume, or they might be a critical one-off design and build. In all cases, we are equipped to efficiently realize your ideas. Our shop is home to numerous tools, including: CNC mills, CNC lathe, CNC router, CNC plasma cutter, plastic injection molding machine, laser cutter and engraver, 3D printer, welder, and many more. This toolset lets us design, prototype and finalize products in far less time than other design and engineering firms. If we can't do it here, we have a trusted network of vendors that will help us quickly and efficiently realize a prototype or a one-off custom build.


Foam Modeling, Form Studies, Appearance Models, Proof of Concept, Working Prototypes/Models, First Article Prototype, Test Fixture, Automated Systems, Furniture & Fixtures, Kinematic Displays, Tech Art, Marketing Displays




Machining, Turning, Plasma Cuttting, Laser Cutting, Basic Sheet Metal Fabrication, Welding, 3D Printing, Silicone Molding, Urethane Casting, Wood Working