SOMA, Water Carafe


The first-ever 100% biodegradable water filter cartridge

We helped SOMA move away from internal components that would require the user to disassemble the cartridge in order to compost it and instead delivered a design and manufacturing plan that allows the spent filter to simply be thrown into the compost bin.

In addition, we designed the entire carafe assembly and produced the prototype for their kickstarter campaign.

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Wall Clock 


Carved Out Time 

With each hour that passes by, an hour is carved away from our lives. Each hour on the clock is carved out from the body – representing the time in 3 dimenstion – to remind us to use our time well.

Faucet Lamp



The Duet, for Crave Innovations. Concept and design for the Duet, which is a vibrator for women. It has super silent dual motors that can be controlled with multiple speeds and different vibration modes. It is designed to be discreet, easy to travel with and is usb chargeable.

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